“Time for me to die…”

“Time for me to die,” Angela responded with a smile. Nathalie kissed her forehead and placed the mask over her face. Nathalie and Ian both took one of Angela’s hands in theirs as Nathalie began a short countdown. “I’m dropping you in five…four…three…two…one…” Nathalie hit the button to release the board and as it slid … Read more

Oh, you haven’t kept your underwear on

Two things immediately took Nathalie by surprise. Firstly, that Angela was so muscular. Secondly, she was now completely naked.“Oh, you haven’t kept your underwear on,” Nathalie said, somewhat taken aback by her openness.“Why would I?” replied Angela as she sat down on the examination table. “This is a medical examination after all.”“Yes, yes, of course” … Read more