Riudecols hiking tour with the TNL

A few members of the Tarragona Nature Lovers Whatsapp group got together for a short hike from Riudecols west of Reus. In all there were 6 of us with 2 dogs, Polly and Luna, who got on well at a polite distance. We started at 09:30 from the bridge on the main road and headed … Read more

Scammy dating website (solteros, be2, etc.)

There are of course many dating websites online. Some are more useful than others, some are more scammy than others. It’s one thing to pay for a membership subscription for a service you are seeking, and it’s another to be tricked into paying for repeating subscriptions which have either been hidden, or which are nearly … Read more

A hike over the Mola with Polly

The day started fairly still, Polly (the collie) and I drove up from Mont-roig to Colldejous, the massiv of the Mola looming behind the town and under what was left of a full moon in the early morning light. We snaked through the village and took the trail up and around the east side of … Read more

Rapid chess tournament at the Brúixola

A group of chess enthusiasts gathered for a rapid chess tournament at the local Bar tucked behind the Mediterrani Urbanización of Cambrils. We were about 20 participants with all levels including beginners, young and older experienced club players, to Grand Master. The winner took home the Spanish Ham. This being my first chess tournament, I … Read more

Cambrils Xmas Charity Match

The Cambrils Chess Club organized a Marathon Charity match during the Christmas break. Between 40 to 50 people attended the event at the Nou Espantall bar, of all age groups and with a healthy mix of genders too. The standards of play varied equally from earnest beginner, through keen club players, to chess masters. For … Read more

Moving to online chess

There I was, just beginning to get a grip on the regular weekend matches in the Catalan chess league. Not that I mean I was winning more, just that I was becoming used to the idea of playing a game within a one and a half hour time-frame. I’ve played a few games of chess … Read more