Oh, you haven’t kept your underwear on

Two things immediately took Nathalie by surprise. Firstly, that Angela was so muscular. Secondly, she was now completely naked.
“Oh, you haven’t kept your underwear on,” Nathalie said, somewhat taken aback by her openness.
“Why would I?” replied Angela as she sat down on the examination table. “This is a medical examination after all.”
“Yes, yes, of course” stuttered Nathalie in response.
“What would you like me to do?” asked Angela, who seemed unaware of Nathalie’s surprise at her nakedness.
“Lie down,” she said, “and we can get started.” As Angela lay down, Nathalie was pretty sure she’d pass any test she gave her. She had a flawless physique, with especially large and well developed abdominal muscles. Her arms were strong, with prominent biceps and her legs were as strong as any woman’s she had ever seen.
Nathalie ran through the basic tests, and Angela passed each one perfectly. Her pulse, blood pressure, breathing and everything else were all those of a very fit and healthy adult. Nathalie could not find a single flaw in her health, even the heart monitor she attached to Angela produced a perfect result.
“Well, your results are perfect so far,” announced Nathalie, “and all we have now is the stress test.” Nathalie gestured at the treadmill in the corner. “Do you need anything?” Nathalie asked, thinking of clothes.
“No, that’s okay, I can do this in my bare feet,” was Angela’s unperturbed reply as she strode naked over to the treadmill and switched it on.
Her energy was boundless. Nathalie kept increasing the speed on the treadmill and Angela kept matching whatever speed she was given. Sweat poured off her, but she didn’t stop, she didn’t even slow down. Her heart coped with it perfectly, never missing a beat and taking all the stress Nathalie threw at it.
After an hour of the punishing regime, Nathalie had seen enough.

Extract from Afterlife, part of the Promoted Beyond Glory series.

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