Oh, I'm naked…

Angela responded with a smile. Nathalie kissed her forehead and placed the mask over her face. Nathalie and Ian both took one of Angela’s hands in theirs as Nathalie began a short countdown.

“I’m dropping you in five…four…three…two…one…” Nathalie hit the button to release the board and as it slid into the vat 9780957243293she felt a sickening twist in her stomach at Angela’s scream of pain as the freezing water consumed her. She looked at Ian who had himself turned pale, shaking and sweating with the same fear as she was. She grabbed his hand and held it tightly, fighting to control her stomach and even her bladder as the screams of pain from Angela slowly began to subside.

Angela’s eyes snapped open the moment she felt awake again. Immediately she felt a sensation resembling bliss, of floating freely in utter peace, but it quickly turned to a pang of elation when she realised she was enshrouded by a familiar haze, and that they had been successful. But the elation quickly gave way to a sense of urgency about her planned experiments and she leapt to her feet and looked around her. It was just like the last time, with people emerging from the haze to be greeted by pairs of angels in white robes. Her two angels approached her, smiling the same bland smile worn by all the angels.

“Hello Angela,” the first one said. Angela ignored him, she was already focusing on the experiments they had discussed. She reached down to her arm to pinch it, but before she could do that she realised something unexpected.
“Oh, I’m naked,” she said.

Extract from Afterlife available from Amazon and all good book retailers.

The police from Ghana called…

Brigitte describes her Romance Scam experience:

Tonight again the “police from Ghana” called, but apparently the link didn’t work. They sent me a mail that, due to his high rank, Phillip M. was released from custody and as the documents are issued on my name, I would have to handle the situation, otherwise I would be arrested. I have then (he was of course online) sent an email to Phillip M. and informed him that I expect his immediate reply. He replied actually. We talked on Skype then. He has informed me, that according to the “authorities in Ghana”; I would have to pay 11000 USD to get the money out of the box. He told me he had taken the jewels out of the box and the money would now be on the bank and when I would send the 11000 USD, the whole money would be refunded to me. Then he gave me a strange link that would be the website of the Bank. I have not clicked on that, of course, probably would have been some virus to spy on my PC. Man, I wish I could wring his neck, this son of a bitch. I told him to send me the jewels in the meantime. He said their worth was around 4500 Euros. He didn’t want to send them but “bring them with him”.

An extract from her true-life diary.


Romance Scam Diary reviews start to roll in

Romance Scam Diary reviews start to roll in, read them on Amazon et al.


“What a truly awful story of the callous nature of greed preying on a lonely, naive and love-lorn, woman. Brigitte describes her own embarassment at falling for these criminal tricksters seemingly obvious ploys. It’s clear that many women make the same mistake, so the scammers have caught on to a niche market here.”