Scammy dating website (solteros, be2, etc.)

There are of course many dating websites online. Some are more useful than others, some are more scammy than others. It’s one thing to pay for a membership subscription for a service you are seeking, and it’s another to be tricked into paying for repeating subscriptions which have either been hidden, or which are nearly … Read more

“Time for me to die…”

“Time for me to die,” Angela responded with a smile. Nathalie kissed her forehead and placed the mask over her face. Nathalie and Ian both took one of Angela’s hands in theirs as Nathalie began a short countdown. “I’m dropping you in five…four…three…two…one…” Nathalie hit the button to release the board and as it slid … Read more


Gerade habe ich die größte Enttäuschung erleben müssen. M. kam online, wir haben mit Webcam gechattet. Auf der Cam hat er nur sehr wenig Ähnlichkeit mit seinem schönen Bild. Entweder ist das schon vor 10 Jahren gemacht worden, oder er ist einfach nur fotogen und die Wirklichkeit kann nicht mithalten. Wenn er gelächelt hat, war … Read more