You look pretty healthy for someone who died

Walking in through the door she encountered the familiar chaos of the department. Waiting patients, harassed staff and the grim hospital d├ęcor instantly made her feel at home again and ready to get started. She was missing the work, the dailychallenge of fighting death and pain, but with her new plans to investigate death itself, she couldn’t have felt fuller of energy.

You look pretty healthy for someone who died

“You look pretty healthy for someone who died,” came a harsh, female voice from behind her. Nathalie recognised it instantly and turned to see the source of it. There stood her good friend, the senior nurse and the person she relied on most in the department.
“Michelle Payne, you are a sight for sore eyes,” said Nathalie as she hugged her friend.
“Damn good to see you back,” replied Michelle. “We’ve missed you, without you around Steven seems to be even more of a dick than usual.”
“I thought you all deserved a little break from me,” laughed Nathalie.

An excerpt from Afterlife, part of the Promoted Beyond Glory series

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