Tarragona Information.

Useful online information groups and resources for residents of Tarragona province, expats included.

Facebook groups for the Tarragona province region:
Tarragona Expats
Expats in Tarragona
Salou too
Cambrils en Positiu
Miami Platja
Miami Platja (Tarragona)
We also have Whatsapp groups (post a request for info. in the FB. Tarragona Expats group above for an invite):
International Tarragona
Tarragona Boardgames
Hiking groups for the Tarragona region:
Centre Excursionista de Cambrils
Associació Excursionista de Catalunya de Reus
Centre Excursionista de Tarragona
Hiking in Tarragona

To add information to this page, connect and forward it to Richard’s FB account, cheers.

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