My first naked hike

The hike started. We left the car park and after a couple of hundred metres we turned off down a path into the wood ahead. After the first corner, the organizer stopped the group and we had the opportunity to undress. Now this was exciting. All the hikers removed and stuffed their clothing into their rucksacks, followed promptly by putting sun-cream on. Some people even removed their shoes. So, now was about to begin my first naked hike.

Nearly overwhelming

The feeling, standing naked in the woods with 50 other naked people, was nearly overwhelming. I had been somewhat nervous about what would happen. But it began as every other hiking tour had: with the first step! mid-img_3788Then followed a second, and a third, and after a few hundred metres any nervousness vanished altogether and was replaced by an intense feeling of awareness of my surroundings. An absolutely amazing experience!

I opened up to the weather and began to soak in the surroundings with all my senses. It was a beautiful summers’ day. The sky could not have been more blue and the sun lifted any tiredness away. The air temperature was circa 25°C. The sun’s rays felt very pleasant on the exposed skin and a gentle breeze gave such a wonderful feeling. I looked at the trees around us, at the path which stretched ahead, and was impressed with both myself and the situation, that I was even able to walk along with such a large group of naked people. What a marvelous feeling!

With the first kilometres behind us I thought about what I had discovered. I love the bodily awareness of moving so freely amongst nature. Even the smallest of differences began to push in on my sense of reality. A small cloud pushed in front of the other clouds and created a magical shadow across my body. I did not freeze, but I could feel goosebumps appear over my skin. As the cloud moved away from blocking the direct sunshine, I felt even more comfortable than previously. The goosebumps disappeared as the sun’s warm rays once more caressed my naked body.

An extract from the Naked Hiking book, chapter by Nicole Wunram.

Never mind Shakespeare…

It is clear that our lives are defined by the space between the two camps of; firstly, our thoughts on our own actions; and secondly, by our fear of what other people might think.

std-100_8307-bcNever mind Shakespeare

the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius pointed this out some two thousand years ago: “All is as thinking makes it so.”

Simply taking part in an environmental protest movement makes one an object of curiosity for many people, and while the majority of the public will be cheering the riders on, the media are busy interviewing the participants, regardless as to whether they are naked or clothed.


Extract from the World Naked Bike Ride book.

Etched across the skyline

Continuing up the now more sparsely vegetated valley, sweating under the clear blue sky, we could feel the mountain air glide gently over our skins, keeping us refreshingly dry as it did so.

Etched across the skyline

We could see the summit ridge and our target summit for the day. As we gained height steadily, we began to overtaken by faster hikers, all clothed, and all friendly. mid-p1100178First one couple, then another, then a family coming down the hill, several stragglers and finally we passed a group having a rest just beyond the Austrian/German border, at the col itself. We exchanged pleasantries, and took in the glorious view of the alps stretching away into Austria, before Emma and I settled down nearby to have a light picnic. Polly nibbled on bits of cheese and salami.

At this point the clouds were building and it looked wise to keep moving, so we ambled behind the closed Klausenberg hut, waving back to the friendly group of picknickers there, and followed the narrow and gentle ridge, along to the summit. The views from this deceptively small ridge are quite magnificent, down to the Chiemsee lake to the north, across to the Kampenwand to the west, and south into Austria and the higher snow covered alps.

A short stop on top, and then we followed the trail north along the ridge through more forest, coming to several memorials to people lost in the mountains. A particularly poignant wooden cross impaled in a rocky vantage point, had been erected by the local mountain rescue team to their fallen comrades.

An extract from the Naked Hiking book, chapter by Richard Foley.

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Extreme prudery in the USA

As an extreme example of the prudery in the USA, there is the Janet Jackson incident. At the Super Bowl halftime show on 1st February 2004, her right breast was briefly seen on TV. The US public and press went to town and gave an excellent demonstration of their dreadful prudery.

Jackson had an invitation to perform at the 2004 Grammy Awards cancelled and a lawsuit was filed by one Terri Carlin “on behalf of all American citizens who watched the outrageous conduct.”. The lawsuit wopx-cover-front-facebook-safeas dropped but the incident also triggered other legal action.

This action resulted in fines for companies involved with the broadcast. Even the law was changed, the Federal Communications Commission is now able to fine up to $500,000 per violation instead of the original maximum of $27,500. Europeans reported this and took the opportunity to laugh at America’s expense.

A typical report said “How reassuring to the rest of the world that the U.S. has its priorities straight. We, the poorly informed old Europeans, wouldn’t have realised that Jackson’s breast was a more important issue than Iraq’s missing weapons of mass destruction. But the U.S. media is covering the breast-baring incident like the story of the century.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

An extract from Why Nude? Thoughts and reflections on social nudity by Howard Anderson

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Limestone Hill

Next morning the warm rays of the sun poured onto the veranda as we sorted our gear – a light pack for the walk, and the rest for the postman to deliver to our next stop-over. Our first day began with easy walking over gentle grassy farmland.. Then a steady climb to the highest point of the day – Limestone Hill, 359m:


From here we descended almost to sea level before climbing steeply up to Tim’s Hill (213m) which required considerable effort and determination. From the top we caught our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

However, we still had another hill to traverse (The Lookout, 165m) before reaching “The Cookhouse” and the cooling waters of the Pacific. The six youngest members of the party still had enough energy to walk two km south along the coast to the remains of the Opua Shipwreck (1926) before returning for yet another scrumptious meal.

An extract from the Naked Hiking book, chapter by Doug Ball.

Staying dressed is a meme complex

Always staying dressed is a meme complex; it is learned behaviour as is naturism. Naturists would argue their behaviour provides significant benefit and is therefore good but its success as a meme complex is less clear. Although millions have tried and enjoyed some aspect of a naturist lifestyle, counter memes are very strong in their effect.

Counter meme

The counter meme is that which causes people always to be dressed, even under extreme circumstances, reinforced by religious memes that cause a feeling of guilt about bodies, enjoyment or sensual experience. Why is the dressed meme complex more powerful than the naturist meme? Because it is reinforced from childhood and fuelled by inappropriate sanctions like such as eternal damnation of sinners etc. It has developed into a very successful meme complex, one that replicates with amazing vigour. When asked, most adults will say they have no argument against nudity from an intellectual point of view but they would not participate for emotional reasons, their memes are more powerful than rationality.

To reinforce this and to make their memes even more successful, those who say “I don’t mind if other people are naked” will almost invariably say “but I realise that most other people will object”. This dual nature of their meme complex is probably the central reason it is so successful at replicating. When naturists challenge this view, the results are surprising; MORI polls in the UK indicate that over 90% of the population think naturists are harmless but the second part of the meme will still cause very effective replication, “stay dressed not for me but for others”.

An extract from the Naked Hiking book, chapter by Howard Anderson.

Protests suppressed with violence

In times past there were protests against cynical technological improvements from the working population which were suppressed with immediate violence. Never forget that the people in power would be happy to do this today, and still do in some std-gilles_vivrenu_arrestation_cyclonue_2008_6-bccountries, to you and to me, except that they fear the power of visibility and answerability; the power of the media to expose the hand of power; the power of the people to stand against scheming machinations. We have the power of freedom of expression to demonstrate to others our point of view. We have the power to vote for an alternative.

As people become more used to the idea of naked protesting, public acceptance of nudity is increasing with each passing event, and every year. This can only be a good thing and perhaps, in time, people will become less obsessed with; greed and sex and violence, and learn to value instead: sufficiency, sustainability, simple nudity and calmness.

Perhaps even Miss World contestants might join naked environmental protests too, and truly begin to make a contribution to the long sought after ‘World Peace’ so often and famously talked of.

Extract from the World Naked Bike Ride book.

One, Two, Free! An introduction text.

Just because I’m naked does NOT mean you have to be! From the introduction to One, Two, Free!

std-ezfCan nudism ever be acceptable to mainstream society? The nudist movement, whether we label it nudism or naturism, and whether we want it to or not, is stepping into a new historical dimension. Modern nudists are outing themselves. Traditional nudism is no more, and it and it’s supporters will remain behind the fences and wooden walls of the 19th and 20th centuries.

21st century nudists are moving into public spaces. They are not seeking public spaces especially, but equally, they are not avoiding them either. In a more or less “soft contact”, ordinary people are confronting the current legal system and the courts with naked facts and nude events. The initially cynical media are beginning to report these events increasingly more objectively.

Read more via the PDF.

En nouveaux Livre Randonue

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