Protests suppressed with violence

In times past there were protests against cynical technological improvements from the working population which were suppressed with immediate violence. Never forget that the people in power would be happy to do this today, and still do in some countries, to you and to me, except that they fear the power of visibility and answerability; the power of the media to expose the hand of power; the power of the people to stand against scheming machinations. We have the power of freedom of expression to demonstrate to others our point of view. We have the power to vote for an alternative.

As people become more used to the idea of naked protesting, public acceptance of nudity is increasing with each passing event, and every year. This can only be a good thing and perhaps, in time, people will become less obsessed with; greed and sex and violence, and learn to value instead: sufficiency, sustainability, simple nudity and calmness.

Perhaps even Miss World contestants might join naked environmental protests too, and truly begin to make a contribution to the long sought after ‘World Peace’ so often and famously talked of.

Extract from the World Naked Bike Ride book.

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