Shall we say goodbye to all the Big Brother and American Idol style TV shows, because ‘they encourage exhibitionism or voyeurism’. Never mind whether these shows are morally uplifting, or not, according to the dictates of the repressed and deviant mindset of the puritan hypocrite, clearly these ideas are supported with enthusiasm by the general population and people vote with their feet, their television control units, and their internet browsers.

And the vote is they want to see someone who wants to be seen. Exhibitionism and voyourism are intrinsically linked in our genetic make up, and we see this effect in our social environments, whether private or public.

Voyeurism by the media

Voyeurism is the same charge leveled at the media when they click frantically, capturing all the bare naked flesh on show at a typical WNBR, only to have publication in their newspapers denied because of the editors who fear their advertisers and their readership, or their paymaster. What man doesn’t want to gawk at the naked ladies? What woman doesn’t want to peer sideways at the naked men, and pretend she’s not looking? Of course any public naked event can be seen as a gay boys’ paradise, as there is usually a predominance of naked men than naked women, although in London particularly the numbers are more balanced. But is this important?

Does it matter whether someone, somewhere might be a little excited by seeing a printed image of a naked person on a bicycle, whether they are gay or straight, male or female? I applaud the many women who take part either to support their menfolk or to support the WNBR itself, just as I applaud the many men who continue to pioneer the original concept of non-sexual public nudity

Extract from the World Naked Bike Ride book.

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