People should wear what they want

The girls were a bit shy at first, but soon got over that. The big question appeared to be why the rucksack was so heavy and if he could lift it. (He had messed around a bit for the girls pretending he could not lift it.)

He said he was a quick walker, but did slow down so my children could keep up with him. Stephen was not slightest bit bothered that I walked dressed, as he believes people should wear what they want, and he chooses to wear a hat and boots.

Anyway, I felt the urge to explain I (and the girls) had a slight cold and needed to wrap up. My girls are probably just like other children, they accept things more readily than adults without passing judgement.

Once they got used to seeing the naked rambler naked, they lost interest. When my youngest daughter found a horn, then that was what mattered to her. Stephen said she should look out for a sheep with only one horn, and this is the sort of dialog a young girl wants to hear. Most people would say “put it down it is ‘dirty'”.

An extract from the Naked Hiking book, chapter by Knut Caspari.

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