Why the “dressing down”, officer?

Bernard Boase describes a hike along the south-west coast of England.

What we all are is unavoidable: naked apes. Yet we choose to clothe ourselves, and then judge states of dress and undress as if they were acts. What clothing we wear is, of course, a matter of choice and often makes a statement about the wearer. In this, as in many areas, each society has its norms and generally people abide by them. But sometimes norms are built on habits, habits can be questioned, and the habit of teaching human beings that their bodies are shameful is surely pernicious. So if a dress convention seems unnecessarily restrictive, why not break with it while in peaceful and well-intentioned activity pursued for reasons that seem good and in situations where, on consideration, no one will be harmed?

An extract from the Naked Hiking book.

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