Riders should wear helmet and shoes!

Initially the police, particularly of any town new to the WNBR, may be nervous of the idea of nudity and as such they will want to control the ride closely. They may also be reluctant to appear to condone the event in any way and the risk of arrest is likely to remain in many cities in the early years. 

Police are initially reserved

The experience of most cities, London in the UK, Vancouver in Canada, Seattle and Portland in the USA, Zaragoza in Spain, Turin in Italy, Brussels in Belgium, and Golden Bay in New Zealand, to name but a few of the many WNBR cities around the world, is that even where police are initially reserved about the WNBR, once they’ve experienced a ride or two, the general observation appears to be that they relax, and are much happier to see body painting and partial- or often full- nudity.

At the end of the St. Louis the policewoman who had been leading the entire ride through the town, stopped the traffic with her car to let the riders return to the parking lot at the starting point and then began taking video like a spectator, while naked cyclists rode past her saying “thank you” for doing such a good job during the event.

The Portland Police Bureau in Oregon, for instance, can also be seen to be entering into the light hearted spirit of the event when they recommend: “that all riders at least wear a helmet and shoes to avoid any potential injuries.”

Extract from the World Naked Bike Ride book.

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