Pro Perl Debugging

Pro Perl Debugging steps in to help resolve the dilemma of application testing and debugging—one of the biggest time commitments in a programmers daily routine.

What this book will do is rescue you from substandard application testing practices.

The book commences with several chapters that overview the debuggers basic features, then covers common debugging scenarios. The concluding portion examines debugger customization, alternative debugging utilities, and debugging best practices.

From the reviews on Amazon:

I’ve had this book for several weeks and foolishly ignored it. Part of that was because I was busy with a lot of other stuff, but a large part was that I didn’t have much interest: what do I need a perl debugger for? What’s wrong with “print”‘s?

Boy was I wrong. By the second chapter I was kicking myself for being so stupid. Perl’s debugger is a thing of joy – it almost makes me look forward to my next confused Perl program.. well, I’d still rather not have any problem at all, but reading this book gives me a powerful tool to help me figure out where I went wrong.

Try it out for yourself.

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