Looking for Perl software development work?

If you’re like me, (I’m a Perl software developer), from time to time, you’ll probably be interested in finding new Perl work; remote or onsite, contract or permie, whatever.

You could just pop down your local jobcentre, but I’m not sure how useful that would prove. perl-careers-OSC_Logo_WhiteIt’s almost certainly a better option to approach one of the many agencies who specialize in placing software developers with major companies. Corporates prefer to deal with one or more agencies, who handle the leg-work, rather than each and every individual. Remarkably, even though there is an ongoing love-hate relationship between contractors and agencies, this process mostly improves the system for everybody involved. Whatever your thoughts on the topic, the basic premise is to be mutually beneficial and this is a good thing.

As well as using agencies, there are a number of places you can start to look for Perl jobs online,eligo-logo and a quick google search will come up with a pile of possibilities, however there are also several honeypots which we should probably all bookmark, (and share with our colleagues too). The canonical reference for all things jobs+perl related, is of course jobs.perl.org, but like any great source, TMTOWTDI. You might also find the well connected groups on social media sites, eg; LinkedIn, Facebook and the like, somewhat more leading-edge. Never mind doing a “Perl” search on some general job site, such as slashdot, monster, et al, there are also websites which cater specifically for Perl job posts too, like PerlJobsRU.

Back to where we first started, there are also several job agencies which specialize in placing built-in-perl-logoPerl people in roles, satisfying their clients’ Perl developer requirements from a business perspective. The more experienced, the better, naturally and you don’t get much more experienced in the Perl job market than the likes of Eligo, BuiltInPerl and Perl Careers.

The perl jobs group on Facebook has a comprehensive list of useful links in the pinned post. Let’s help one another find useful Perl work, and find the best Perl developers, by joining the group and sharing the link!

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