Image captions

Ideally there would have been time to title every photo in the Naked Hiking book. However, tempus fugit, and we end up here. This page will have information for every image used as the data comes in, (see below).

7 Richard Foley Strolling along the Isar canal
8 Richard Foley Paris suburbs
10 Richard Foley Newt 2010
13 Richard Foley Hiking through the forest near La Sabliere
14 Richard Foley A naked hike between French villages
16 Richard Foley Le Roc – La Sabliere
17 Richard Foley The radio interviewer catches up
18 Richard Foley The radio interview
19 Richard Foley Lunch break above Tegernsee
20 Richard Foley Flowers on the hill near Schliersee
22 Doug Ball The coast road
24 Doug Ball The Opua shipwreck
25 Doug Ball Catnap at the beach
26 Doug Ball Ridge view
35 Karla Pitsiligo Trig. point power
36 Karla Pitsiligo A cool rock pool
37 Stuart Pitsiligo Karla on Ben Hope
39 Stuart Pitsiligo Inside a thunderstorm
41 Nicole Wunram Setting off
45 Nicole Wunram Nordic style
46 Nicole Wunram A gentle river breeze
49 Dirk Süllentrop Dogs in the forest
51 Bernard Boase Opening the gate
52 Bernard Boase Being followed
53 Bernard Boase The open vistas of the south-west coast
55 Bernard Boase Bob Janes and the local constabulary
56 Graham Lee Stephen and Melanie shopping
58 Stephen Gough Outside the “Maidens Store”
60 Graham Lee Stephen and Melanie head across a bridge in a breeze
62 John Hamilton A picnic basket gift from friendly hoteliers
64 John Hamilton Stephen in discussion with police on release from prison
65 Oblong Films Packing the rucksack for the next day’s hike
66 Oblong Films It’s a long cold lonely road
68 Oblong Films Which way now?
69 Knut Caspari
71 Knut Caspari
72 Jim Hutton Lambeyran
74 Jim Hutton Chiappa
75 Jim Hutton Lalbrade
76 Jim Hutton Tahiti
78 Shane Steinkamp River spirits
85 Shane Steinkamp Leave nothing but footprints
87 Shane Steinkamp Watch the fire
88 Richard Foley The stick-monster
89 Richard Foley Thirsty work
90 Richard Foley Striding up the valley
92 Richard Foley The tweet-monster
95 Richard Foley Along the summit ridge
96 Richard Foley The Klausenberg summit cross
101 David Gilderdale An easy amble
105 Brian Johnson Via de la Plata
106 Brian Johnson Taking a break
109 Brian Johnson Pyrenean campsite
110 Brian Johnson Casas de Don Antonio
111 Keith Samuelson Happy hiking
112 Keith Samuelson A river bridge
114 Keith Samuelson Katrin
126 Richard Foley Leaving Leogang
127 Richard Foley Jim’s birthday
128 Richard Foley Heading up to the ridge
129 Richard Foley Bernard striding up the valley
130 Richard Foley The Hochzeller-Alm Gasthof
131 Richard Foley Group photo for the proprietress
132 Richard Foley The balcony view
133 Stuart Pitsiligo Eager to get out and about
134 Karla Pitsiligo Twin clefts
135 Stuart Pitsiligo Looking down into the mist
136 Stuart Pitsiligo Above the mists
138 Stuart Pitsiligo By the summit cairn
139 Jacques Marie Francillon View over the snow covered valley below
140 Jacques Marie Francillon Snowy panorama
142 Jacques Marie Francillon Snow-shoeing through the woods
143 Charles MacFarland A short break on the trail
144 Charles MacFarland Stream and Rose make digeridoo and sticks music
146 Charles MacFarland Everyone’s happy
148 Charles MacFarland xx-005.jpg A tired rose by any other name
155 Richard Foley Heading up the valley
156 Richard Foley A friendly textile group encounter
157 Richard Foley Jacques and Sylvie descending
158 Richard Foley Cows at the Sudwienerhütte
164 Emma James Lunch stop with Polly on the Klausenberg
168 Richard Foley The World Naked Bike Ride book
169 Richard Foley The Active Nudists book
170 Richard Foley Snow in Kleinschwindau
171 Richard Foley A butterfly on the Hochzeller


Any contributor who wishes to see a specific title, for their image used in the book, displayed online here, please send the image identifier, (page + top/middle/bottom), and title together to us here.

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