Mutual sharing for independent authors and books

We participate in mutual social media sharing for third-party authors and their books, as part of an ongoing scheme to help self-publishing authors and independent publishers. Not many of us have the marketing resources of the powerhouse publishers, such as Penguin, Springer and MacMillan, and so forth. std-dsc_04360058-bcTherefore we aim to support one another and to cross-promote each other’s works as far as is practical and possible, by engaging the power of social media and a disparate mix of interesting people.


To this end we release regular posts publicizing third-party authors and their books. The more people who share, the more people get to know about your, and our, work. It’s a mutual back-scratching exercise for books and authors. Look through our full book listings, and our list of regular blog postings, please feel free to share anything you find, as far and as wide as you can. From all of us to all of you: many thanks for your assistance!

Also, take a look on Facebook where you can find various helpful groups for sharing author’s books eg; 

Don’t forget to “add” us there, and tell them we sent you. Cheers!