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I've written a couple of things which may be of interest, mostly relating to the Perl programming language:

Pro Perl Debugging  co-authored with Andy Lester, edited by Jason Gilmore and published by Apress.

RT Essentials  with co-authors: Jesse Vincent, Robert Spier, Dave Rolsky, Autarch and edited by Allison Randall and published by O'Reilly.

The Perl Debugger Pocket Reference  edited by Linda Mui and published by O'Reillys.
This also has a nice little printable bookmark card to go with it, which you can print out and use, or write to O'Reilly for a free one.

The perldebtut.pod a debugger tutorial distributed with the Perl source. The perlperf.pod is now out too, you can get it in perl 5.11.0 and above, and bleedperl. And an article in the Perl Review.

The CDC Technical Specification document - describing how Ronan Ogerand I designed and implemented a safe one-time-key encryption application to pump large (5 million line) financial trading feeds, through a daily process with a small time window, for UBS Investment Bank in Zurich, Switzerland. Not available - though expect an article on it sometime.

Slightly off-topic, but most entertaining is my translation into English of Einz, Zwei, Frei! Enjoy :-)

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